Les Damages

I can get there too late to help either because:

1. The damage happened before I arrived, most likely in childhood.

2. I’m not equipped to handle the issue.

3. I caused the damage.

4. It’s beyond me.

In my head beginning around 7:35 am Mountain Time on Wed., March 4th I saw a couple arguing. It started because the woman, call her Ethera, noticed she seemed to have fallen off the run of luck, track, whatever you want to call it, she was on. She commented that she thought it was because she and her fiancé left town (L.A.) and went to Nashville to tie up some loose ends. She felt like she had no choice but to go on the short trip. But ever since she got back to their new lavish apartment she felt the wind go out of her. She wondered what exactly it was. Her fiancé mentioned something about an old friend of hers, which caused her to get annoyed, and then angry. Also he tried to take a bag of drugs away from her, because he bought them, and she started grabbing at them and screaming. Then something came out about how she hated him. Things got dangerously tense and they stopped, because they both knew she did something wrong. He said something about how they meant more to her than him. Then she didn’t want to argue as much anymore, but she still wanted the drugs so she did. He brought out his issue that she couldn’t handle his problems. Because she focusses on her problems so much people call her selfish. Actually she doesn’t focus on her problems, she focuses on how to get ahead in the music industry. They started to discuss breaking up and she seemed to want to. He couldn’t believe she was saying this stuff again. He noted the time her father disciplined her and how when things weren’t going great he-Solo-came and saved her. She refused to acknowledge it, so he mentioned the luxury they’re living in and asked how will she afford it on her own? She tried to take credit for the sale of a house that funded them and again he was shocked. She acted like it made perfect sense that even though he’s the real estate agent she sold the house. He is belittled, thinking of all the hours he spent working endlessly. The conversation comes to a close and he leaves her to think, alone.


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