I was in Cincinnati once and I heard about a man. Once he could lift a house with his mind. It's called Telekinesis and it exists. My secret wish the other day was to meet a man who could move things with his mind. And then he came as the - ones I have to stand up against. The real ones I have to always welcome to my door to pray with that we can handle it together. I saw a man who could knock a tray out of my hands from ten feet away. I met a man who made me see the light. I met a man and his name is Marc. I met Marc in a sacred place where dervishes dance and where I saw a man kill demons with a spear. I met a man who cried in front of us. I met a man who stayed in character the entire time I met him. But I know who he is. He is the feather in a cap. He is the bow of a ribbon. He is here with me now. He is in everything around me and that's why I'm safe. I finally met God. God. And he is even better than they say. And he came even though I stopped praying.


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