Eating flowers

"I only want you to drink pink beverages that look like nectar and eat flowers. Nothing should cross your lips that's not beautiful," he said candidly.
"I'll try me best, but can chicken also be beautiful?"
"When prepared in the right way. You must always ask me how to make your dishes and don't make them too complicated. You know I'm not your father or your brother. I'm your lover and I love you with every breath I take. I'll show you what to do...don't worry and life will always speak to you. You have an open line."
"Is it a secure line?"
"Sometimes, but I leave it up to you to decide. You have to know about that yourself."
"I'm scared."
"I know. I am too, but together it's proven we can accomplish anything. When it seems like I'm gone I'm closer than you know. When it seems like nothing is happening it is happening in full force."
"Full force?"
"A term I use when my space ship is in full gear and we're humming along, because you know darling you can always hitch a ride with me, just clean my appliances and the surfaces of my craft while you're with me."
"I have no qualms about that."
"Good and be a good girl. You know I want you to make me proud. That's all I've ever wanted. And you know what? You have always made me proud. You are a strong woman. You are a fighter and I wouldn't want to stand at anyone else's side through this frightening amazing life."
"I hear you, but you don't touch me. My emotions. I am frozen again. At least you know I'll be here when you get back."
"You will always be here, much longer than I will be on earth."
"Where are you going?"
"I'm entering into nothingness."
"You are the most beautiful person I have ever known. I love you with all my heart."
"Dear one, stumble, but don't fall, you have too far to fall, and still no real net."
"I am the tight rope walker, I am the muse, I am the dancer, and most of all I am worthy of love."
"You understand it better than I do. I promise you. Some day I'll come and make you mine forever, but for now your friends need you. Stay true I believe in you."
"You too and turn that frown upside-down."
"This is how I smile." :)


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