H E L L O . My name is Oro.

I come from jupiter's moon europa. I lived in a colony under the ice for the first 20 years of my life. I came to earth for a specific purpose one which I must fulfil or die. However it is not so easy to kill me. I can come back. Cut off my arm and you may be surprised to see me the next day with both arms intact. There is no real peace in the universe. Many alien civilisations have gone through this. They look for peace but we have enemies so ferocious in our galaxy alone that if we relax and embrace "so called peace" we actually embrace catatonia and death. We have to be vigilant and fight. We have to be ready. I did not come alone. I am here to tell you you will see things beyond your wildest ruminations but they will be cloaked in the average and mundane. Be careful who you make agreements with in the spirit of the moment for if you do not honor them you will be punished. Be careful who you attack. They will counterstrike. I am here for one thing but in order to accomplish it I must overcome one million impossibilities.


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