I am Lucy

When I was Lucy I thought of you in a different way. I didn't buy into your humanity.  Just because you've been on earth for over a hundred years doesn't make you human.

I'm about as human are you are. A genetically engineered version, albeit not a prototype, of the human being I used to be called Anna. For all practical purposes I will now be Lucy in the Taylor and Lucy stories.

Lucy has a veneer of what almost seems like ice or frost coating her and protecting her from the world. It shields her from herself too, from her own heat. Taylor's made of something different. He can be almost as many people as he wants. Lucy has never been a man that's for sure.

Then I, Lucy, thought of my friend Tand.i. Her last name's Contandi. She lived out of a van here in Colorado. When I thought of her just now I imagined men thinking "a woman's doing it."

And I do it too, but the last car I slept in was a white Honda off of Melrose Blvd, in West Hollywood. Anyway Tand.i has her own problems, some of them she can solve, and some she might not be able to. Just like me and nothing like me. She's not fresh off the assembly line either.

I respect her and honestly think we should do a movie together in which we kiss several different times in elaborate maid corsets. I think I can get Taylor to direct and play several roles. Laughter reverbrating in an echo of endlessness.


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