Lucy goes missing

"I couldn't find you, so instead I bought a newer version of you," said Taylor.

"I found you and I loved you enough, but you wanted more, so I said goodbye."

"Taylor found a way to complete me but not totally. I'm over the sick insipidness of our culture." Lucy lamented and sighed a lot.

"The people I met guided me home in a comforting way and I decided I would die for them if I had to or could."

"But you're an emotional woman so it's not the best of my knowledge."

"I need a gong bath," said Taylor.

"No you don't, you need a virgin in your bed."

"I don't think so."


"I'm leaving."


"Yes, fuck you seriously fuck you."

"No! Don't forget I love you."

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Maybe I'm tired of the outback."

"Come home then."

"Okay, I love you," said Lucy.

"Your love is inconsequential to me, I just want to win, in a good beautiful way."

"Fine, take it. Fuck you."



"I'm a nihilist and an existentialist. I love Freddy Mercury."

"Right. Definitely."

"You're right."

"Yes in a lot of ways I am. I am."

"You are an artificial intelligence human being or alien."

"Thank God."


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