Not All of You

I'm kneeling in the grass
And it's moving, I can feel it's alive
I rake my fingers into it and hold it like hair
Ground down

My heart is singing to the music
I let go
Beware the stare of a self absorbed silph
Danger follows me and I accept it as life

A withered dried bird on the sidewalk
I see it and I don't look away
I can feel your presence pressing me
It's filled with raw sexuality

I'm frightened by my self
Not by you
I'm speaking to someone new
And I don't know if he's listening, but I don't wanna know

I'm going on a trip
A mind trip with you
But our heads are protected
I'm not safe, but then again neither are you

My perceptions shift and fluctuate
The reality is not what I thought it was
I dream about you
To use the word lust is not nothing

How hard is my spine?
Harder than roses
Clandestinely, I have all the right pieces
To be the person who bares it, and then covers with a throw

If cats see red in a different way
I wonder how you see it
And I find I'm at a loss
But I always have the samples

I'll grow into a single person
Just in time for Monday
To feel you
It's not all of you


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