The Grand Design

Enclosed inside your grand design is mine
Inside of your filigree lock is my key
I'm going to say
I thought you had a revolutionary day
I heard you won the peace prize
In which people only get what they deserve, fairly
I gave you ground, because I knew you would come out ahead
You gave me ground because otherwise I would be dead
If what I think is so important why don't you listen?
Stand back, move ahead, go, on, and on, and on
Be careful dear girl you have shattered more than one world
"I'm not a girl!"
"Yes you are! You will always be our girl!"
"I know, I love it. Be careful out there. There's God knows what."
There are people and fires and animals and bricks
There are lions and shapes and dodges and snipes
"I'm trying to run a production! I can't work under these conditions!"
"No one can. That's why we make so little."
"And why we do so much.
"Sometimes the payback seems so small."
"It's just because you have google eyes."


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