The Speed of Darkness: Pt. 1

Pt. 1 in a possible series about space travel

The ship drifted in the darkness.
When we travel at the speed of darkness we don't have to do much.
We sit in the shadows and wait for everyone else to move around like fish in the sea.
I can travel at the speed of light or the speed of darkness.

What it feels like to travel at the speed of light:
Your space ship takes off so quickly and smoothly that it feels like you are moving very slowly.
When you move at warp speed you are temporarily dismantled, and then put back together again.
There are risks to traveling at light of your craft may fall off if loose.

Traveling at the speed of darkness is like being in a state of nothingness: it has its beauty.
When everything goes soft and dark it's comforting.
When everything goes black and sharp it's cutting.
There are risks to traveling at the speed of may never leave that black hole.

~ I was inspired to write this while I was running at 8 mph, which is a nice speed for human beings.

~my original poem "An Enterprise of Blue," is a prequel to "The Speed of Darkness"

~May the "Higher Authorities" be involved in everything you do

~Amen, Namaste, Aloha


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