The sky turned yellow and the sun turned gold
I dove under the blue water to try and stay
For as much as I wanted to know, I had to know I didn't know
The sign said, "Follow your passions" but "No promises"
The design that never worked was upset at being called out
The object and the key, I thought it was me, was pulled in a new direction
I would smell you inside and out of me

To stand my ground I had to say "No more"
Enough is enough
The young ones got it all and I was standing alone for too long
I didn't want to be alone on the island anymore
My brain told me how they judged me and put me in a place they liked
The feeling I had was that my life kept getting taken away from me
I feel the past has shaped the present moment and now the clues are obvious, in front of me

If you want me to be humble then I have to know I'm not the best and I can't do that alone
If you want me to be wise you have to stop telling me what to think, pushing and pulling, and I fall away
My self respect was cheated by someone's plans I never agreed to
I had no authority, no minority, no contemporary
They went ahead with their plans, a different take on the same story, while I was off - my story changed
It's true that when all hope is gone - or the same type of hope - different things happen
For all the people who didn't understand me I found one who was free and he believed in me

I cut the strings and replaced them with a better way
The puppeteer took the strings I wanted and tested me
I passed but the past came back and fluctuated in front of my face
It told me to keep an eye on his height
The one who came alone but left with twenty
Part of the cosmic joke
And not even fully grown

What was immediately obvious to him was he wasn't the only one who came before
He still didn't feel alone, like a crowd came around, and they all looked similar
I wondered what my twin had been up to while I was asleep
The circus turning around me constantly
At least a part of me wanted to give up but that was the part they kept sacrificing
In the end it wasn't what I thought and it wasn't "the end"
The players she knew were only doing what they do

The sun turned black and the sea was solid gold
Serpents and fish stuck in place for a future race
I was gone when it happened
They keep moving me, some kind of spiritual resting place
The plans I see beyond today are hazy and obscure
I feel a wave but it's stuck at the shore
With all the silverfish hanging in outer space


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