Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget wants me to appear on his screens
He thinks I might save him
What he doesn't know is he already saved himself by saving me the other night
He did something out of a gentlemanly courtesy not out of fear
Now he's afraid because of what he saw using his advanced computer logistic systems
Jesus God, is that considered taking the Lord's name in vain?
I knew it was bad, but he experienced it before me, and I knew it was wrong.
Look dude, I got injured way worse than you.
I'm literally bruised so don't expect to see me anytime soon, and not your fault at all.

When he came through the door Inspector Gadget's jaw hit the floor
He's sensitive, empathetic, strange in some way, and highly intelligent too.
He sees through the puzzles placed to estrange us.
Go go Inspector Gadget!
Turn up, turn off, release some more of your tricks
I don't know what you're up to and I don't need to know
I just appear sometimes, it's my hood too
Make an appearance, followed by disappearing acts
You're more consistent - follow your heart - don't you want to feel it ache?

I thought I saw something but later it became inconsequential
I dropped it and let it go, hoping I don't run into it again
I used to run consistently, but then I ran out
You're a sporty type of guy 
For some reason I caught the ball barehanded
But I can't throw for anything
I don't know anything about you, except you like to laminate
Oh and you're not filled with fear
You've got gadgets and tricks

It all seems unfinished
The original poem I imagined was so different
It was all about your technology
The cameras at the front gates
The other cameras you chose not to expose
The technology you use to hack in and hack out
The computers you keep at home with the storage bays
The key card
The day passes and hidden agendas

Inspector Gadget with his magical domain only he can own
Resting in the back of his mind is a woman
He lets her rest there, because he loves her
She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes
She's the reason he got angry in spite of himself once or twice
He wanted her to be there when he needed her, materialize
But she didn't
So he got angry and punched a wall
When he gets her back, which he will, he'll keep her


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