Someone New

I felt I'd seen it all
Until I met "someone new"
Someone with an old soul
He showed me mulberries
They stained our fingers purple
We walked down a street in Iowa
He called to a baby deer and it ran toward him
White tail in the air
I belong to no one
I belong to air
I belong to fire
I hardly belong to earth at all
I belong to water
I belong to ether
We belong touching each other
I belong to you
Someone new was given my trust
Because I saw him in action
I saw him "motoring," "snoozing," and loving people, so they love him back
I covered the damsel's mouth with a purple pendant, so she couldn't speak
But the moment I cut the threads and took it off, I saw I could still speak
Like being at the bottom of a well
Being delivered from myself
Beyond someone new is nothing
I myself would bargain a plot
To hyper extend myself, hopefully backwards
Anagram that I am
Contessa, an Italian, meet Versaggi from a Sicily
Wander around together with the solace that there's someone to hold your hand
Someone you like
Someone who kisses the right way
Don't be explicit Anna
I'm not
Welcome to someone new and his world view
Welcome to a new you


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