New love

I stand as a token
To your esteem
I stand unbroken
I am me
You bear a weight only one can bear
You beat me fair and square
Before I met you I knew only a small portion
Of the lies and truths that stand as a token
If you want me come and get me
I'll be there waiting for you
Are you waiting for me?
Have you been waiting longer than you'd like?
Well forget it, because overeagerness is like Pike.
Be overeager and step into a trap, WAP!
Give me money and I'll buy some beer
Take it away, make it too dear
Give me your love, but offer me less than the mess you have waiting, I regress...
You stole my connection with the CIA, you handled it well, and handled it today.
If I'm to be a company woman how can my hair be pink?
If you question, go question my shrink
I did this in a minute, as an aside, I didn't think through
Are you there? Are you you?
I do, I do
I do
Yes: FBI I will work with you.
Said the actress with no clue
What could they do?
Fall in love with you?
Or come to get you and question you
Like all the people before
I am the wolf knocking at your door!
I'm a princess and a monster.
Bring me peace or strife, I care not
Bear me or lose your composure
I feel myself getting older and older
Forfeit I must and give you tonight
You boys and girls worked hard
You were outasight
Damn right


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