Same Old Love

There was this compelling urge to give everything over to someone else.
Save me, I can't save myself, but then you realize maybe you can.
There was an urge to become someone else, someone new, but not to start over somewhere else.
There was this compelling urge and we went for it and we grabbed it, but we didn't shake it.
We saved it, we grabbed it like a falling baby bird, in the palm of our hands.
We loved it so hard and hated it only sometimes, not the bird.
We never hated baby birds, no, we always loved them.
What we chose to disclose was heaped with consequences and so we closed our eyes and made wishes.
No one could tell us what to do, except all the people telling us what to do, but did we all listen?
I listen, but I also stop people when they try to give me all their secrets I don't understand.
But hey, I remember last night well, I do.
Stay in line! Act like us! Take lots of showers! Rise the energy off!
I'm a white witch I tell you!!
I'll take all the time I want, and then there'll be none.
Speak in tongues, because, as you say, "I don't even recognize your face."
I'll be innocent longer than I'd like, or love, shall I say.
But dig a hole and watch the water pouring in.
You wanted to save it but now it's all dirty.
Cry! Let the tears pour down your beautiful face all of you amazing humans.
Take me with you to places we never imagined, too strange to ever conquer, but not to love and maybe hate a little too, it's ok - you can hate me if you want to. Your right
Lock down your loves and keep them as they were when you met them inside.
Go outside and pack up your stuff and move out and on - it's too hard for you here - go back to LA
Give me a minute, I have to think up a plan. I like my plans better. You like yours
I can type faster than I remember.
There was this compelling urge to suddenly drive faster and cut in and out of traffic with your "tail" behind you making all the right moves.
Oh thank God a car chase in Boulder, CO
Oooooh, the best kind.
What about the hidden government buildings back in the mountains?
I saw them and filmed them, but lost the film...damn!
Oh and I put my flash drive in my iced tea at a coffee shop on Melrose in front of one random guy who might remember.
Oh and I dropped my flash drives on the sidewalk.
I gave a hard drive to my neighbor in Sherman Oaks
I dropped a flash drive into the lap of a police officer sitting in his car, idling, then I ran away and jumped over a fence.
True story, buy my book when it comes out!


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