Dr. Contessina

Dr. Contessina might need to come investigate you sometime. She's pretty good at interrogating people. She just wants to find out who they are. Everyone is a great character all on their own. No one is the same as anyone else. Dr. Contessina has a way of breaking the ice. She doesn't need truth serum in your drink. She might arrive on the scene and slam a door into you by accident...if you don't get out of the way when she runs by. Dr. Contessina would like to remind everyone that big rigs with heavy loads have a much longer stopping time. Cross street with caution, vehicles may not stop.

Dr. Contessina might check the contents of your fridge if she got the chance. She hates bacteria and mold. Have you cleaned your shower anytime recently? It gets dirty too. There seems to be this weird idea that since a person gets clean in a shower it's a clean place. Pink bacteria is dangerous. Dr. Contessina could tell a lot about you by glancing through your CD collection or finding a stray hair to have analyzed later.

Dr. Contessina's new primetime show will be out sometime early next year. Starring all the newcomers in L.A. who've been waiting to come up. They are here to help you. They can get you a tax refund, home owners insurance, or tell you what brand of underwear to buy. They travel through space and time and instantly know what you need. They look for clues in the fabric. The fabric of your world. They can see inside your DNA. What triggers you? What makes you fight? What makes you love? Be sure to tune in. Channel: FLASH (Z)


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