The Spy

Once upon a time there was a little mouse. He was white and he lived in a house. He liked to eat swiss cheese or really any kind of cheese. The other mice called him "The Spy." Many other mice spied things too, but not in the way he did. He was unique. He watched human beings for hours sometimes if he had a good vantage point. He wanted to learn to be human, so he thought if he watched them for long enough he might become one of them. He liked to watch the woman put makeup on. Sometimes he sat there for hours waiting to understand what was happening. He had a lot of skills and he practiced acting like a human in his tunnels and hidden cubbies in the walls. He got on two paws and paced back and forth like the man. He got some fabric from the nursery and draped it around himself so he looked like the woman. Being a mouse he didn't identify with being male, he just responded to how nature made him.

The little mouse was also fond of leaving notes for the humans. He learned how to write in English and left some love notes for the wife. She thought they were from her husband and the two of them started getting along even better. The toddlers noticed the mouse sometimes, but they couldn't speak, just point. The mother thought they were pointing at the colorful mobile and she smiled.

The mouse was getting tired of being such a useless spy. He didn't work for a country. He wanted to work for his country. He saw a flyer pinned up in the public mouse dining hall. It said the Royal Mouse Brigade was accepting new applicants. So he applied and cited his personal experience with handling covert human affairs. From there he went on to move to Washington DC and work in the White House.


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