Destructive Lust

After yoga class I was standing in the bathroom and since my shirt and bra were soaked I took them off. There was another woman with her shirt off. Then I noticed one of the females move closer to me as if she was curious. I semi turned around and pulled a green sweater over my head. For a moment I saw a snapshot in my mind of what she saw. The side of my breast, my naked back, the sweater. I thought about how if I had wanted her to look, I might not have taken my shirt off, or she might not have wanted to look. I thought about lesbians. There are as many different lesbians as there are kinds of people. No two snowflakes are alike. But there was something about that woman. That woman I could feel looking at me. She stayed with me. A stranger in the locker room looking at my back and the side of my breast. It had a deeper meaning for me. One that I would not follow. But one day, one day it would find me. 


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