Mr X also known as Zero

I saw him sitting in his truck thinking. He kept some of his childhood innocence. He was a beautiful kid. He felt different than other people. But then when he became an adolescent some terrible things happened. He had something happen to him that made him see the world differently and he wanted to find out why it happened. The closer he got to uncovering the answer the less well he felt. But it wasn’t like he realized that he didn’t want the answer. He had made it into such a big deal and it had dictated his code for so long now that it was almost impossible for him to consider letting it go. So he avoided it, which he was good at, but the girl had shown him he was wrong. And he didn’t like it, but he didn’t hate her either, because he pitied her. He pitied her the most of anyone he saw operating around her. And then he hated himself because he knew she just jumped into almost anything without thinking it through. And a lot of people were nervous about her well-being so it made it like walking on broken glass with your mouth shut. Whatever, he had given up on all that a long time ago. For now he was free. He didn’t have the family (he wanted one), he didn’t have the girlfriend (he didn’t want one), he had some money, and he had some free time. So he drove off and people looked at him, because he was handsome, self-aware, and possessed something different. 


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