Movie Makeup

~~~~~~~Gwell angau na Chywilydd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That guy with his movie makeup
he stands back in the shadows and watches me
I don't see him at all anymore
he used to come through as someone I knew

What would you do if you knew a guy was into you?
I thought about it, but he was right, I should have trusted my gut
No actually my gut said yes he said no and then I realized he was right
We are too different

Oh sorry, the guy with the movie makeup...he came back on...
What are you doing?
Is this even about me?
Not exactly, I'm sorry

He has all these different faces so he can swap 'em out.
And he's mother******* White.
This guy can look like any non-descript average middle aged white guy.
Covers a lot of ground.

He acts like he doesn't want fame and fortune, but he does.
He wants inside.
But let's get this straight.
He's been in this club a quarter of a century and me a decade.

This club is going to grow.
Watch the hazing.
Cut it out.
You can come and cry on my shoulder

This guy with the movie makeup still thinks I don't know everything I know
Maybe someone gave him some valuable information, I don't know
That made him think he doesn't know what I know
But I don't know

The guy with the movie makeup and I are alike in many ways.
When he plays the straight guy that's when I lose it.
That's my act buddy, check it out.
Just when you're fronting and with nowhere to go.

Imagine white people putting black people in jail.
Slavery is over.
Really? You think?
A conspiracy to put black people away, no way?

If one more person looks at me like I'm a cop I might go work for the FBI
Being a cop sounds too hard and they would never take me
But there's something about walking out to the local Conoco for a coffee
That makes me think like a cop and investigate

Detectives investigate constantly, the good ones do at least
I think to investigate.
Yesterday I walked outside and found eleven pennies and a button on the pavement.
The button was a knock-off saying The Welch Regiment

It might not tell me anything now
But later it could
Bend down, pick up the button, hold it up to the light, dust it off, put it in a box
I saw photos snapping, I can see you taking pictures of me in my mind

When you take your makeup off do you know who YOU are?
I know who I am, I never forgot
Sometimes I test you the way you test me
I learned it from the master, I learned about it all day

"Baby, it's gone be okay."
The woman at the checkout treated the young Indian woman like she wasn't worth her time
The Indian woman was concerned about getting the club price on some gala apples, she said 99 cents
And she was told, "I go by the code" which seemed like a metaphor

The only reason the cashier was nice to me and used a coupon she found on a top
Was because she saw opportunity
The first girl couldn't help me (worried about her apples) but this one can
And she has a story to tell, let her tell it, not that she could be stopped anyway

Then Miss Furry Pants arrives and says, "I'm here, I exist, mew."
And somehow all those books you threw my way they live inside of me
Did you know conglomerate authors' books are written by computer algorithms of sorts?
If you think you might be reading a book written by a computer I suggest putting it down

I've been openly telling people about my theories for years and they keep coming back
They act like I'm wrong, but we both know that's not always right
Computers writing books? Uh yeah, not that far-fetched, ever heard of technology?
We're more advanced than most people know, damn.

I've seen the younger generation and it makes me feel old
We're not the same
Sometimes their concerns become mine too
And that's the way it was meant to be

I've seen an older man out running
It's like he's protecting me
He could be seventy-five
And I half expect him to run past me

The guy with the movie makeup's not on my side
He's concerned I'll sell out
I'm not selling out, I'm the highest bidder
But I have to know when to let you go, I know, I know


that's me


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