I won't wait, I won't look

I was born broken, but they let me live/
In fact, not only did they prop me up. They held me as high as they could and put me forward as if I was a gift to give/
But I never understood it and I tried to tear myself down/
I wanted to be buried underground/
I tried to bury myself so deep/
I couldn't see or hear it was so steep/
I couldn't cry because I was shocked and frozen by my rise/
Somehow, some way I survived to fight another day/
But the woman with the black hair fainted away/
and The copy cat waits to feast on his day old score/
But he wanted me, he wanted more/
I cannot be crushed by a velociraptor/
I will not be eaten/
I will not be dust/
at least not yet/
That's not something I desire to forget/
So weave your fishing net and bait your hook/
I will not wait, I will not look/.


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