"Love Remains"

1/10/16 Written from Colorado Springs. Thank you

The cancer was what woke me up
It came unexpectedly, but must've been growing for a while
When I found out the first feeling I had was shock
But it made me change my life and think twice
My family and friends grieved with me
I decided to forgo traditional treatment in favor of a holistic approach
My troubled past faded into the background in the face of a new threat
Cancer has no gender, no religion, it has no prejudices
When it comes to take someone it chooses based on a series of fault lines created by perhaps poisons we couldn't predict or see
But it reeks of death without discrimination
No law can stop it, no prayer can prevent it, and no love can save it
We cry and mourn the losses together, as one, but we cannot ever completely understand what's taken place, although we can't help but try
If the operation isn't successful or the chemo doesn't work
We have to believe we did all we could
We have to live each day in a away that represents us - how we want to be - how we want to be remembered
So that when we go we did all we could
We shined and no earth can bury that
No fire can destroy that
And in the end only love REMAINS


  1. Good writing. I like Love Remains.

    "If the operation isn't successful or the chemo doesn't work, we have to believe we did all that we could."

    I would have to differ with you on point, though: I think that possibly, prayer can prevent this deadly disease from ever reaching its hands around our life.


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