I lIke U 2

I don't know how to help u/
Because when I try you run away/
The only way I can help you is to leave you alone/
You have a lot of problems man/
There are some people I don't want to leave alone/
My neighbors for instance/
But you, you I want to leave alone now/
I stirred you up and you had a conundrum/
You blamed it on me in an aggressive way/
For you, you are the perpetual slave/
But I have no more power than you/
You 700 year old fool/
How can you be so smart and yet so completely stupid?/
Do I inspire jealousy in you?/
Jealousy between people is a sad road to go down/
I went down it for a while, but then I stopped enjoying it/
Hey you! You jealous fool/
Oh how I taunt you/
For gold the answer is never 2, but two in 1/
Thanks have a nice night/
The moon is sometimes a light I actually project/
From a white shirt to a visionary mystery/
I thought I was done/
The gory details were near gone/
But we resurrect them whenever we need to/
If we don't need to don't rip my mask off/
Hey man! How's it going with Stan?/
Stanley you bad bad boy/
John how's your mom?/
Check on her is the answer/
Only in a matter of time/
She's a fast fast dancer/
Sew on John's mom/
Hello librarian with the sour face/
I ask you where is your Grace?/
Where is your Grace??/
And nurse I wasn't mad at you?.
I knew you were sorry/
The man who is closest in type to me smells sour/
Oh innocent how clean your shirt/
But the man with the braces/
He put them through their paces/
Ok, ok, I'm done/
If you aren't on the list yet don't worry Chelsea Clinton, you will be in time/
The Simpsons Terry and Sherry/
I'm sorry he wasn't my type/
And Christophe with your genuine blue eyes I know you had your spies/
But their information was delivered after a long game of telephone/
I'm not sure but I don't think you laughed, but there was something happy about you/
Thank you//


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