New Order

the new world order
exists to release us
from our bondage
our sullen struggle
where no one escapes
except for one

I am 1
there's no order
fringe lunatic escapes
from the asylum of us
bound unlimited struggle
human bondage

gross neglect and bondage
gone are all but 1
nevermore cease to struggle
in search of new world order
freedom from us
but no one escapes

subtle smooth escapes
inhumane bondage
collapsed us
all but 1
may affairs be placed in order
undercover struggle

lost in a quagmire made of struggle
some temporary escapes
procreate order
to populate more bondage
to overcome 1
ashes and dust to us

I once lost us
in the midst of struggle
the silent one escapes
released from bondage
in the new world order

in order to struggle out of bondage
1 of us escapes
and 1 becomes everyone

March 11, 2016

By Anna Contessa

*my attempt at a form of poetry called a sestina


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