The Aliens are Coming

There was a young woman with large breasts in a hospital with bandages on her nose. Her story was that in order to get a role in a movie the director insisted she get a nose job. He thought maybe she would say no and get away, because he was trying to save her from a fate worse than death. It disappointed him that she and her family sold out so easily to the motion picture industry, just like everyone else. 

There was an alien woman with long brown hair floating in the ceiling. Her husband was sure he was having an acid flashback. It was like that scene in Mary Poppins, kinda. 

I saw a cat, squirrels, and a Cheshire cat on my way out the other day. Then I saw a bird and a unicorn. I also saw people with tightened lips with high levels of analysis. And a penchant for success.

Today I saw the beautiful earth. Hawks circling in a pair in the sky. I was looking at the clouds and I felt like I live in paradise. I was running and I felt free. 



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