Work, work, work, work

I want to come out of the gate running like nothing can stop me.
This time I won't fall into a hole at the end of the run.
Run, run, run!!!

Ooooooohhhhh oh oh...
We're climbing now, the summit's only 29 days away (I thought this was happening in March)

I dreamed my "ex-best friend" is going to Columbia for her Masters degree.
She did always have to outdo me imo, she wouldn't agree to my face
She's climbing a different mountain, running a different race

It's the running that really gets me
And your work, work, work, work
It's the fact that you baffle me that keeps me thinking about you

You're gone and then you appear and make demands
I'm not running away from you
I'm just doing what you taught me, I thought you asked me to make it hard for you

Maybe you're stressed out, but you know you can slow down if you want to
Or you could give it all up and move to Japan.
I know you've been there, even though you never told me

Or maybe you haven't and I assume wrong, oh well
I think you've travelled the world even though you don't say
You've certainly been to more countries than I have for work

I DO want to work with you, but my best work is done when I can't tell it's you
Sometimes later on I realize it was you or some kind of fragment, a reflection of you
There is only one you, there is only one me, the rest is supercilious perception

I'm living in fear over what I want
If you could give me a capsule that makes me compliant with the universe, make it a blue one
When I forget about supernatural phenomena I know I've gone wrong

You're more supernatural than not and so am I
I might be able to read your mind and give you what you want
I don't read the thoughts exactly, I read the desire, and provide

There was once a writer I knew who gave out lots of red pens for corrections
He thought he could fix everything if he could get the grammar right
One English student at a time

But the math class got the best of him, because "when in Rome"
Is it all nonsense Anna?
Too much sense can be a bad thing, that's all I can say

Work, work, work, work
Dance, dance, dance
Run, run, run, run

Finish your catalogue in time and we can have an art show
In a way I'm never alone and it's never just "MY" art show, it's always "OURS"
Work, work, work, work, work, work


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